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Deep Dive Transformative Coaching for Empathic Visionaries, Enlightened Leaders, &

Conscious Game Changers Focused on Making a Positive Shift in the World

I am here to support You on your journey of self discovery, internal alignment, external fulfillment, and doing exactly what you love to do and crafting a strategy that allows you to only do what you love.

You are a powerful creative force and as a powerful creator you are co-creating the details of your life, past, present, and well into your future. The question you want to ask yourself right now is do I love what I am creating? And if not when would now be a good time to change that?

You, like many people walking this planet, have a dream nested inside your heart and very likely this dream has been whispering to you for a long time and what I want to know is have you been listening to what is has to say?

The more we avoid living our dream and continue “playing it safe” the more resistance builds up in our system in the form of anxiety, emotional overwhelm, and creative avoidance. This is when the downward spiraling energy built up in our bodies has reached a boiling point and we develop a habit of resisting our own creative urges to the point where we flat out avoid engaging with them all together.

The only option any of us have is to take the risk of following our dreams through radical self growth, a dedication to transformation, and a willingness to participate in our own evolution. There are no limits, restrictions, or barriers on what we can achieve once we stop living our “stories” and start fully living our magnificent lives. If this resonates deeply and calls you to step boldly into the dream that only you can manifest than it would be my honor and pleasure to guide you.

 Coaching with Ronnie Landis

I offer a variety of personalized and group focused coaching programs based on the extensive work I have been deeply immersed in over the last 10 years as a transformation coach, holistic optimization specialist, nutritionist, and a student of life.

I work with a diversity of individuals who are serious about their goals, have a burning desire for growth, want to optimize health and performance, and are committed to making the most of their human potential in this life. I have found over the years that the work I do with each person has a unique approach because each person is truly unique and has their own unique reasons and desires for working with me.

When I work with clients in a 1 on 1 basis I customize our work together to perfectly suit the needs, goals, and energetic alignment of the individual to assist them in maximizing their potential and producing the greatest level of results possible. If you are strongly considering working with me as a private client we can schedule a complimentary coaching call to explore your goals and see what awaits us on the other side. Please continue following down this page to submit an application for coaching with me. Instructions on this are down below.

I also facilitate powerful virtual group coaching containers designed to radically empower, deeply inspire, and forever ignite the spark of genius within each member that participates. These programs are high energy, uniquely structured, and intuitively guided sessions where I personally lead an intimate group through transformational and strategic processes of personal growth.

I currently offer two group programs called The Empath Empowerment Academy & The Quantum Coach Academy. These are seasonal programs that are open to the public and each one has it’s own special blend of profound teachings that will be specifically tailored to those who know they are alive on this planet to transcend the limitations of the world and begin creating the world their soul’s desire to be part of. You can find full details on these programs and how to enroll directly below.

Virtual Coaching & Mentorship Programs

The Empath Empowerment Academy

The Quantum Coach Academy

Book a Free Coaching Session & We’ll See Where It Takes Us

How It Works

Please fill out the application below and I will contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule your first complimentary 60 minute coaching call.

By filling out the application I will be provided the necessary information to dive deep with you and during our call we will both get crystal clear on how I may be able to support you and what the best way for us to move forward will be.

These calls are high energy, exciting, revealing, and potentially transformative in of themselves..

Through out our call I will get to know who you are, what your dreams are, what you aspire to create, and also what are your biggest challenges between you now and who you are becoming moving forward. I enjoy going deep and peeling back the layers in order to find the treasure that lies beneath the surface.

It is important to know that I intend to work with highly dedicated, deeply inspired, and willingly vulnerable clients. By engaging in our complimentary coaching session I will assume that you plan to continue our work so long as it provides tremendous value and we will explore what that will look like following our 60 minutes together.

I am willing to go as far as your willing to go and my challenge to you is for you to Dream BIG! I will push you to your belief threshold and hold you accountable to the dream that is attempting to live through you.

Let’s Begin Our Work Together. Schedule your Complimentary Coaching Session.


Coaching Application
Coaching Application

Common Breakthrough Results Include, Yet are Not Limited Too..

  • Profoundly Greater Sense of Clarity & Direction
  • Deeper Sense of Soul Purpose & Creative Expression
  • Optimized State of Physical Health & Energy
  • Upgraded & Strengthened Mental Psychology
  • Greater Commitment & Follow Through on Your Goals
  • A Reinvented Identity that Supports Success & Fulfillment
  • Awakening the Dream that Lives Inside Your Heart!
  • Understanding How You Are Connected to the Flow of Life
  • The Knowledge, Strategies, & Capacity to Transcend Limiting Factors
  • Dissolving Self Doubt, Unworthiness, & Self-Defeating Habits



The typical working agreement between myself and a new client is between 3 months, 6 months, or even 12 months. I require each person I commit to to also be equally committed and this type of container really allows for us to go deep and co-create a long lasting foundation that produces life changing results. The minimum investment for my 1 on 1 coaching work is $3,000. Programs differ in time commitment, session frequency, and pricing. Plans are available where necessary.

Let’s begin our work together! Schedule your Complimentary Coaching Session. 

Coaching Application