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Purium Super Foods

100 years ago, all food was organic. It grew in clean, mineral-rich soil and clean, mineral-rich water – no chemicals, herbicides or pesticides. Today, real food has been replaced by corporate-produced fast, cheap, addictive, processed food-like stuff. Purium goes back to the original purity standards. No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, binders, fillers, hormones, pesticides, irradiated or genetically-modified ingredients. Just real food. Super food. For super results. Purium offers a solution that benefits our bodies, as well as the Earth. Purium takes fresh, non-GMO, organic produce from the field and convert nearly 100% of it into stable powder that can last for up to 2 years. One single truck transports the entire field’s superfoods to our in-house manufacturing facility where we test it for optimum quality and package it to be shipped right to your doorstep. While it may travel by truck or plane, the mass transport technique acts as a shared ride for our products.

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ODNOVA – Dietary Supplement

Gosha’s Organics is a recognized leader in Innovative Honey Fusions / Blends.

ODNOVA, polish for renewal, revitalize and rejuvenate, is a unique blend of raw honey and botanicals, which air the body in organically reaching a balanced state. ODNOVA Glo, Clarity and Energy are three independent food supplements which, when taken separately or together, help the human body to harmonize, balance and center, and naturally reach the desired Equilibrium State.

ODNOVA products are supplements in a food form, which are harmonizing the entire body without overstimulating and draining the organism. All food intake creates an emotional and physical body/mind reaction. ODNOVA intends to recreate the state of harmony by delivering a substantial amount of crucial nutrients in their most natural primal form.

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SYNCHRO GOLD – Turmeric Elixir

The underlying metabolic process known as systemic inflammation is the single biggest driver of aging-related joint pain and diminishing brain function. Thankfully, with the right tools, inflammation is fully manageable, reducible and even reversible.
With Synchro Gold Liposomal Turmeric, it’s possible to achieve this naturally, sustainably, and, most importantly, in a way that actually aids the body in healing itself – helping return the body to a state of true vitality.

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MEGA SPORBIOTIC – Probiotic Supplement

Spore-based probiotic formulas are unquestionably the future of the probiotic market, and Mega Sporebiotic is the most effective spore-based product available in this new probiotic paradigm.

Traditional probiotic products are marginally effective (at best), as most of these bacteria will die in the acidic environment of the stomach, never making it to the small intestine or colon they need to reach to be effective.

Spore-based probiotics overcome the issue by delivering bacteria in hearty endospore form, able to resist the acidity of the stomach and successfully colonize the gut. The difference in efficacy is hard to understate. Traditional probiotics (99% of the market) are certainly better than no probiotics – but Mega Sporebiotic is in a completely different category with regards to efficacy.

Improved digestion and immune function, and reduced allergy symptoms are among the effects commonly reported by new Mega Sporebiotic users.

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Now Alchemy Ormus

Now Alchemy uses a proprietary technique of filtering this Ormus that allows for it’s unique purity and potency. Now Alchemy begins with an ancient and well known method for collecting Ormus known as the “Milk & Honey”. This technique is most beneficial for the yield of monoatomic gold and other alchemically healing Dead Sea energies. Now Alchemy also uses the Egyptian method of collection, which is slightly different, and combines the two for a most potent and sacred Ormus product. Now Alchemy’s proprietary filtration method allows your body to accept the m-state elements without triggering a defense response as it would with a salt water flush, and passing the elements through your body unabsorbed. Ormus is an exciting discovery and there is no time better than now to introduce these special minerals into your world because the soils are now over-cropped and less concentrated in these natural elements and minerals than every before.

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QUALIA – Dietary Supplement

We’ve all experienced burnout, brain fog, low mood, and mental exhaustion. Everything from poor diet to air toxins diminish the potential of your brainpower. Qualia is designed to nourish the mind with over 40 premium brain nutrients to immediately enhance focus, energy, mood, and creativity, while supporting long term brain health. Your life’s potential relies on your mind. Feed it well.

Qualia uses the most potent, pure, bioavailable form of each ingredient, considering proper ratios for systemic balance. All our ingredients are chosen based on the strong empirical research supporting them. We take into account several kinds of research: Phase II & III university and clinical trials, strong quantified self research data (e.g. on racetams like noopept), and over 40+ years international research on nootropic stack formulation.
Vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO. No artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners. Made with HPMC vegetarian capsules.

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Essential Oils Wizardry

  • Our imported products are immediate placed into glass from aluminum or pharmaceutical-grade plastic (industry standard).
  • When blending our essential oil products both old & new, there is intention and ceremony – our goal is to create high potency, artisan-crafted essential oil products using scientific rationale, intuition & alchemy that develops safe & effective artistic formulas that create smiles and lifestyle solutions.
  • Care is taken in selecting the finest quality essential oils & CO2 extracts based on organoleptic testing where pedigree (certifications) comes secondary to vitality/potency/quality.
  • There is a clear distinct vibrancy present in each of our Pure Essential Oils / CO2 extractions / Wizard Alchemy Blends.
  • All our products are formulated / blended in small batches (ie. 4 oz – 1 gallon).
  • Each of our blends and essential oil products are vibrationally enhanced using 432 hz. crystal bowls. Every blend receives it’s own unique blend of notes based on qualities to enhance it’s specific signature.
  • We imprint our products using frequency to modulate the effectiveness of our formulations and potentiate our final products using orgonite.
  • Certain formulas are selectively enhanced using Dead Sea Salts to amplify the potency of the final product.
  • Our botanical extracts are purposefully sourced consciously and whenever possible directly from the source, currently hand-bottled/labeled by joyous humans.
  • Each batch is unique in quality and batches vary with the intention of always improving!

JING HERBS – Dietary Supplement

Let’s face it. We know what needs to be done to be healthy and happy. Exercise. Eat right. Meditate more often. Take long walks in nature. Relax more often. But the truth is that life gets in the way of doing all those things we would like to do on a regular basis.

The solution? Take herbs. Herbs are a simple and proven method to promote health, longevity and happiness, and you can take them in only a couple minutes a day. The trick now becomes figuring out which herbs are best suited for your individual needs. Good news! Jing Herbs has taken the guessing out of that as well. Here is the secret to getting everything out of life you want with Chinese tonic herbs.

You need 3 elements – Vitalized Energy, Reduced Stress, and Increased Adaptability. Our Getting Started Longevity Kit provides all three benefits. Here’s why this combination works so well.

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