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This is not about INFOrmational learning.

This is about TRANSformational learning!

The Time to Awaken is Upon Us…Now!

This program is not simply designed to help you only reclaim your power but to assist you in knowing what to do with your power.

On some level you already know you are powerful beyond measure yet you hold yourself back because you are not exactly sure what to do with your power or perhaps you are, on some level, afraid of your power because you have never been properly guided on how to harness it for all the good in the world it can do and when great power is misdirected or improperly exercised it can cause great damage.

I will help guide you through this process of awakening to your inner mystic and cosmic reality of who you are so you can allow the bondage of past experiences, repressed hidden emotions, and negative thought patterns to naturally and organically dissolve into the ash bin of history, never to be spoken of or entertained again so you can begin living a life of fulfillment, authentic connection, vibrant health, and practical magic.

If you are reading these words I have no doubt you are meant to do something extraordinary with your life. This program serves to support you in becoming the most holistically powerful version of yourself so your life can then become a living demonstration of your highest values which will provide the road map for countless others who are on the path and will be radically transformed by your example.


As We Pursue the Light We Then Discover the Darkness and are Presented with an Opportunity to Integrate Both Sides of the Cosmic Force of Life Itself.

Who Is Ronnie Landis?

I am a seeker of truth, a researcher and investigator of reality, a student of life’s mysteries, a teacher of what I have uncovered and experienced, and a mystic in nature. I have spent the majority of my life committed to the study, practical application, and exploration of human potential. In the last decade I have focused my personal pursuit and professional vocation in the fields of holistic health, natural nutrition, alternative healing, integrative psychology, longevity, and epigenetic advancements in consciousness. Through out my journey I have been deeply immersed in wisdom teachings from esoteric traditions, mystery schools, practical spirituality, mysticism, and many other areas of consciousness research. My mission is to inspire, empower, and help activate the visionary leaders, enlightened entrepreneurs, conscious catalysts, and wellness leaders of the world who are deeply inspired by a vision, compelled by their mission, and know they are on the planet to make a powerful contribution to humanity.

The Empath Empowerment Process 

Program Details

The Empath Empowerment Academy is a 6 Week Mentorship Course which Includes:

  • 6 2 Hour Virtual Coaching Sessions Facilitated by Ronnie Landis

  • Private Facebook Support Group (You are added to the group the moment you enroll) 

  • Guided Integration Processes Following Each Coaching Call & Alignment Assignments

  • Full Access to Replays Will Be Available for All Sessions

  • Join from Anywhere in the World 

  • The Program Officially Begins January 15th, 2018

Early Bird Discount is for 1 Time Payment is $777.00. 

2 Time Monthly Payments of $550.00.

Regular Price after Discount is $999.00

Early Bird Discount ends on Dec. 25th

Early Bird Price

$777001 Time Payment
  • Early Bird Price Ends on Dec. 25th

Regular Price

$999001 Time Payment

Split Payment Option

$550002 Time Monthly Payment
  • This Price will Go Up $100 After the Early Bird Deadline is Over!