112: Brandon Hawk: How to Achieve Everything You Want by Keeping Your Heart Open

After joining the U.S. Olympic Tennis team at the age of 17, Brandon had the opportunity to taste the double-edged sword of success at a young age. He retired from Tennis in his early 20’s due to injury and began a 10 year journey of studying, developing and testing principles of personal transcendence and human connection. Brandon now works exclusively with CEO’s who pay up to $250,000/year to develop their capacity for a more quality, productive and fulfilling life — all of whom credit Brandon with dramatic life change.

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • Living in alignment with your heart for true success

  • What it means to feel fully and let go

  • Surrendering at the biggest moments

  • Living from love and abundance and not for it

  • Partnering with your greatness

  • Creating integrity in your heart and your life

  • Being honest with where you are

  • Why you need to give to yourself first and how it is a selfless act

  • Taking radical action

  • Upgrading your personal operating system

  • Serving your heart to serve humanity




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