099: Alex J Moscow: Stretching the Limits of Human Potential

Alex ran a multi-million dollar coaching and seminar organization for 4 years, and he has personally led over 1,900 enrollment conversations. As a result, Alex understands and teaches enrollment with the authority afforded only to those who have invested the time to refine and master their craft. He has been branded as having the highest client success ratio out of anyone helping coaches, experts and speakers. Alex helped world renown coaches and speakers to grow their businesses, and he has personally sold over $ 5.2 million in coaching packages one-on-one. When Alex started his own coaching practice, he grossed nearly 200k in five months working 10 hours per week. At one of his most recent events he generated $280,000 in sales with only 9 attendees. His clients often report that after working with Alex, not only are they effortlessly enrolling premium clients and making more money, they are also better people themselves.

What We Discuss in This Episode:

  • How to continually upgrade your belief systems

  • Taking action based on the future

  • The greatest plague in the personal development field

  • How to know when to take action

  • Shifting your beliefs about your abilities and letting go of your limiting story

  • Releasing yourself from decision paralysis

  • Moving into and playing in your resistance

  • The entrepreneurial spirit and responsibility

  • Getting comfortable with uncertainty

  • Taking ownership of your gifts

  • How to create Quantum Shifts and Quantum Results




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