091: Layla Love: Remodeling Our Lives as a Testament of Love

Layla Love has spent the last decade traveling around the globe exploring the spectrum of life from orphanages to royal palaces, seeking beauty and inspiration through photography. She believes art loses its ego when paired with purpose, thereby contributing to philanthropic causes while working at grassroots levels to support evolution through art. Love’s work has been showcased in over 100 locations including the White House, Paris Photo and MoMa-sponsored AiPAD with Eric Franck Fine Arts. Layla Love: http://www.laylaloveart.com/ 

What we Discuss in this Interview:

  • Why it’s important to balance your personal life with being of service

  • How loving more helps heal the world

  • The importance of self-responsibility

  • The ebb and flow of giving and taking

  • How we must listen to and act of the impulses of the soul

  • Why it’s important to feel our pain, but not live in it

  • How art is a portal to our inner world

  • Letting life be an experiment and a discovery

  • The importance of being of service

  • Why we need to truly be in our experience

  • Why we must move from love, compassion, and creativity




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