090: Growth Hacking and Designing Your Perfect Life with Michael Bledsoe

Mike Bledsoe, Host of the Barbell Shrugged, Barbell Business, and The Bledsoe Show. Mike has been coaching and honing his own health and performance for over 20 years. With the goal of creating the biggest impact possible he uses video shows, podcasts, software and entrepreneurship to reach as many people as possible. As an athlete he has competed and coached many sports, primarily Weightlifting and CrossFit in the last decade. As an entrepreneur he has successfully co-founded Faction Strength and Conditioning (Home of CrossFit Memphis), Barbell Shrugged, and Barbell Business.

What We Discuss in this Interview:

  •  How Innovation Shapes Our Natural Instincts and Tendencies to Act

  • The Natural Instinct to Act Before Analyzing and How this Can Help Us Grow

  • Why Taking Life So Series is Not an Effective Way to Accomplish Goals or Growth Hack

  • How Leaders Can Become Effective Communicating Their Ideas to Others

  • The Importance of Having the First Person who Follows Our Leadership

  • Michael’s Origin Story in the Field of High Performance Fitness and Entrepreneurship

  • How a Moment of Personal Frustration Allowed Michael to take Full Ownership over His Life and Destiny

  • Why Following the Rules Can Never Lead to Innovation & Why Visionaries are Often Labeled Crazy for Breaking the Rules

  • How Michael is Shifting the Direction of Nutrition and Fitness in the Performance and Crossfit World

  • The Dynamic Balance of Yoga and Strength Training, Both for Women and Men.

  • And So Much More!




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