087: Transcending Limitations and Living a Life of Abundance with Michael Mackintosh

Michael Mackintosh is an internationally renowned author, spiritual teacher, entrepreneur and mentor for thought-leaders and game changers. He helps next-generation evolutionary leaders to re-awaken their visions, unlock their genius and systematically transform ideas into tangible income, impact and freedom – without stress, worry or confusion.

What We Discuss in this Interview:

  • Paying Attention to the Syncronicities that Guide Our Lives

  • How Michael Went from Getting High to Lifting His Spirit with Meditation 

  • Turning Your Passion into Service Based Products to Help Others

  • The Benefits of Being Naive When Pursuing Our Dreams

  • Why Playing it “Safe” in Life is the Real Risk

  • How False Fears Cripple Our Dreams and Paralyze us from Action

  • Overcoming the Coping Mechanisms of Living a Life that is Not in Alignment with Our True Purpose

  • How One Bad Habits Leads to Another and Habits Form Over a Lifetime

  • The Trance State of Modern Technology and Distracting Ourselves from Our Purpose

  • Transforming Our Outer Experience through Mastering Our Inner Experience

  • And So Much More!

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