“Prosperity is normal. Poverty is abnormal.”

Joan McCall

“When your dealing with infinite you can never take more than you’re share.”

Thomas Troward, The Hidden Power

The basic definition of prosperity is the state of being prosperous. This single concept can seem like a complete anomaly to many people because it seems to contradict the obvious and seemingly omnipresent levels of impoverishment in our world. The state of the world does not have to be your dominant state. The state of the global mind does not have to be the state of your mind. The transition from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness is the most important internal adjustment one can make. The disillusioned state of the world that stems from political fraud, medical malpractice, agricultural destruction, religious coverups, economical fallouts and financial scams, healthcare crises, and voluntary occupational slavery all result from the basic program of poverty consciousness. Every form of dis-ease that occupies the physical body originated from the mental conception of lack, limitation, scarcity, and self-impoverishment. Good health is a vibration, not simply an activity. Health is a state of mind-body-spirit coherence that aligns one’s actions, thoughts, emotions, and words into a unified fabric of creation. When we are out of alignment from within, our external behaviors will take on a sort of confused and often times contradictory nature. It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to assume an attitude of gratitude and feel truly prosperous if our physical body is in chronic pain. Both health and prosperity are of the same energetic mold and both exist in union with one another therefore the pursuit of abundant health is the same of pursuing abundant prosperity.

A key insight I received many years ago upon my path of becoming a more sovereign and liberated version of myself was to realize every excuse I had for why I could not receive what I wanted was reinforcing the barrier between me ever experiencing it in my life. The excuses we tell ourselves become the bricks and glue that build the great wall of despair, destitute, and depression that would convince us of our own poverty. I find this truly fascinating because all it takes to change one’s interpretation of reality is to switch from poverty to prosperity, from lack to luck, and from fate to faith. As far as the centralized control of all empowering information, the internet is the single greatest tool for freedom. Every iota of information that we could ever want is available at our finger tips in overwhelmingly abundant fashion. It is true that there are many people who have fallen under the hypnotic spell of fear, shame, doubt, and concern over the perceived state of world affairs and I must also acknowledge that there are tremendous challenges plaguing us in these times, however, that is only one side of the coin. We also have more access to more spiritual information, personal development information, entrepreneurial opportunities, environmentally sustain- able initiatives, and health retrieval options than ever before in human history. Just consider this nuanced insight surrounding our updated level of nutrition compared to the industrial chemical model of food, which is virtually void of all nutrition. In fact, most of us were raised within a nutritional holocaust for most of our lives and some- how we survived! Organic raw foods, super foods and super herbs combined contain all known vitamins, all known amino acids, all known fatty acids, all known minerals (and unknown minerals), all known polysaccharides, and potentially all known (and unknown) antioxidants. We live in the greatest era of technological and naturally occurring prosperity in history and in order to fully access it we simply need to invite it in by making new choices each moment of our day.

“When we love ourselves enough we will choose to heal ourselves.” Dr. Gabriel Cousens

Assuming a state of prosperity has to do with curing the culturally conditioned disease of poverty. Poverty is an abnormality in nature and has no place in a vitally healthy body or mind. A state of impoverished consciousness comes from a core devaluation of one’s personal identity, the value they are capable of providing in the work, and their spiritual role under the sun. This is an insidious condition that disguises itself as hyper-practicality, extreme caution, perpetual hesitancy, and chronic concern for fantasies of fear that likely will never happen. At the root of this software program are the messages “I am not good enough,” “I do not have enough,” ‘I am not worthy,” and “I do not deserve what I want or deserve to be loved.” This, in my estimation, is the main virus that has infected the motherboard of humanity, figuratively and non-figuratively speaking.

The path of self liberation is a daily devotion to meditate on our own sense of self. We must question who we believe ourselves to be in order to discover who we truly are and what we are truly capable in this lifetime.


The great test of our modern times is to override the limiting belief structures of domestication, fabricated alarm systems of centralized news, and the core wound of unworthiness. An attitude and embodiment of prosperity can only manifest from within through the process of recognizing our unique value and worth in life. As long as we believe we do not deserve our dreams, then we will continue to feel the inflictions of pain each time we think of them. This is the primordial struggle of a high-tech low-touch society that is out of touch with it’s soul. This process can begin in the most obvious places such as purchasing local organic produce from your farmers market without compromising on your values for high quality food. This not only supports your health, it also supports the livelihood of the organic farmers who are essential to the sustainability of food prosperity in our world. The prosperity practice is about living in alignment with our core values and making congruent choices, not based on the price tag, but instead based on the impulses of our heart as it calls for us to elevate in each area of our lives. If each person took this practice to heart and exercised the courage to step up for what they truly deserve, then we would manifest heaven on earth for sure!

A Special Note on Prosperity and Poverty

It is important to note that the essence of prosperity is not about monetary gain or material accumulation. Paradoxically, the more one is focused on accumulated “stuff” the more they are entertaining a poverty-relative attitude, even though one may be able to accumulate finances and possessions that would indicate they were very prosperous. This can be very deceiving which is why this distinction needs to be made and meditated on as one pursues the path of prosperity. This, also, does not mean that one who focuses on accumulating less or especially accumulating nothing is somehow more prosperous or enlightened. The paradoxical nature of this conversation is exactly what makes it so much fun for an alchemist to ruminate upon. The essential consideration to this topic, I believe, is rooted in the sensibility of acquiring what is essential and practicing the art of abstinence from what is non-essential. I, in no way, have all the answers to this nor wish to impose my views on the reader. I wish to encourage the reader to consider that prosperity is a state of mind, just as poverty is a state of being and both states influence our choices and the insatiable cravings for more that pervade our Western cosmetic culture. One who is adept in the art of rational fasting can generate more resources from within then another who is afraid of experiencing their own inner void and that in and of itself allows them to become more prosperous in nature.


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