By Ronnie Landis

Conventional Dental Procedures

Over the past decade it has become common knowledge that the conventional dental industry has produced far more health obstacles than they have prevented. One of the assumptions this industry has been built on is the intense sanitation of the mouth in order to prevent dangerous infections. Although this premise appears entirely sensible the applications and methodologies performed have proven highly ineffective and dangerous to all patients who undergo invasive dental interventions. Conclusive evidence has surfaced revealing that dental procedures such as root canals, wisdom tooth extractions, and mercury amalgam fillings not only infect the tooth but can trigger a variety of seemingly unrelated diseases. These disease symptoms are based on the systemic effect such procedures trigger which include auto-immune conditions, digestive infections, cardiovascular disease, immunological suppression, nerve damage, neurological damage, different forms of cancer, and even diabetes.

It is not an overstatement to say most forms of tooth damage is a direct result of dental procedures. The reason biological dentistry exists is largely to repair the damage done by conventional dentistry. It has been my observation that every person I have met whom has undergone such a procedure has experienced a variety of associated health issues and almost always has a chronic digestive infection. I have also witnessed when people have had their root canals or mercury amalgams safely extracted their other health issues began to clear up shortly after.

There is a major shifting in the dental industry where conventionally educated dentists are awakening to the miseducation they received through the American Dental Association (AMA) and are turning to biological dentistry. Dentistry as an art form in the healing profession is extremely important and serves to empower patients by removing subtle toxins that build up in one of the most sensitive regions of the body. Once these toxic storage containers are successfully removed the experience one has with life is like night and day. Vibrant and vigorous health cannot be fully achieved unless the toxicity in the mouth is fully addressed.

Root Canals

Every year in the United States over 25 million root canal surgeries are performed under the assumption that they are safe and necessary. The American Dental Association claims root canals have been proven to be safe and effective yet no documented research validates these claims. The opposite has been suggested for over 100 years and in recent decades clearly established. In 1922 Dr. Weston Price who was considered the world’s greatest dentist published a textbook on his findings about root canals and the dangers of this procedure. Organized dentistry had ignored Dr. Price and still does to this day. Root canals are considered to be one of the most toxic dental practices by biological dentists(holistic dentists). It is advised by your author to always seek a 2nd or 3rd opinion from holistic doctors and dentists when urged to engage in any form of invasive therapy such as surgically removing an organ all the way to surgically drilling into a living bone (teeth).

A root canal or endodontic treatment is performed when there is an infection to the pulp (soft inner chamber) of the tooth or there is inflammation present in the tooth. A drill is used to dig inside of the tooth to open the canal for another smaller drill to clear away decayed material and bacterial infection. Tiny files are then used to probe into the two canals that connect into the gums to brush away further waste. At this point the original pulp and it’s vital nerve endings are completely removed. Once this is completed rubber cones with a liquid sealant are inserted and compacted into the tiny canals as space fillers. Following this a rubber compound is placed to fill the rest of the tooth and seal it from saliva exposure. The final stage is to place a metal, porcelain, or porcelain fused with metal crown on the operated tooth. It is said that root canals are completely sterilized of all bacteria but according to every holistic dentist I have encountered and studied from this is not accurate. Bacteria can and most often will inhabit the dentinal tubules that surround where the pulp of the tooth once was. These tubules connect to the periodontal ligament which anchors the tooth to the alveolar bone through a fiber based network. The PDL becomes an incubator where billions of bacteria can breed. Every time someone with a root canal bites down to chew food the metabolic toxins produced from these bacteria are released into the lymphatic drainage fluids. This allows for a passage way of necrotic tissue and infectious bacterial organisms to travel through out the circulatory system and inhabit any area of the body that is vascularized (takes in blood). Conditions commonly associated with root canals but not limited too are all forms of auto-immunity, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, diabetes, arthritis, leukemia, and many forms of cancer.

“Sterilizing the tooth is not only impossible but it can’t be done”.

Dr. Hal Huggins

There are healthy alternatives to root canals available through working with a trained biological dentist. If you have had a root canal it must be removed carefully which includes removing the periodontal ligament. If the tooth is extracted but the PDL is left behind bacteria will continue to incubate and produce toxic metabolites. Further more once the PDL is removed it is imperative that the dentist or their assisting staff thoroughly sanitizes the tooth socket . According to the late Dr. Hal Huggins bacteria can reside up to half an inch beyond the PDL outlet that it is extracted from. Consulting with a biological dentist on this issue is highly advised if you have had 1 or numerous root canals or if you have been told by conventional dentist you need a root canal for any reason.