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Ronnie Landis has spent the last decade in the fields of natural health, cutting edge nutrition, personal transformation, self mastery, and designing a lifestyle that meets the needs of the individual as well as connects us back to the inherent brilliance of mother nature. He has compiled the bulk of his extensive knowledge, practical insights, and highly unique perspectives into his online educational courses which are designed to take your learning experience to a completely new level.

Holistic Health
Mastery Program

Ronnie’s flagship program The Holistic Health Mastery Program is considered the masters class of natural nutrition and holistic health. This is a holistic nutrition certification program that breaks down every essential subject of next level health unlike any other course available on the internet.

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Tonic Herbal
Mastery Program

The Tonic Herbal Mastery Program is a course Ronnie created based on the high demand he received from people around the world to do a course entirely on tonic herbalism and blender recipes. This course is likely the most in-depth, comprehensive, and easily accessible digital course on the wisdom and practicality of ancient herbalism combined with super food recipes. You will learn how to make the most incredible tonic herbal elixirs that will blow your mind, awaken your higher faculties, and satisfy your taste buds.

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